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Corporate Support

We have many opportunities for corporations and small businesses to support Create Now through different sponsorships that can be customized for your needs. We are also grateful to receive proceeds from cause marketing efforts. In exchange, we promote our sponsors through our website, newsletters, social media sites and fund-raising events, plus donors receive a letter of substantiation for a tax deduction. Contact us at (213) 747-2777 to learn how your company can help fund our programs, events and/or special projects. We really appreciate our corporate sponsors, and so do all of the thousands of vulnerable kids that Create Now serves.

Featured Support Program: Thank you, Ford Motors and The People's Fleet

Ford Motors selected Create Now as one of 8 organizations in Southern California to receive a Ford Fiesta for one week, as part of The People's Fleet campaign. They also loaned us a couple of Flip cameras so we could document seven days of our programs and services. Click here to watch the videos!