We are thrilled to share the incredible success of Create Now’s annual Power of the Arts Festival, held in collaboration with our local partner Discovery Cube of Los Angeles!

This year’s festival was a remarkable celebration of creativity, innovation, and community engagement, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. Not only was this the biggest event we’ve ever had, but it lasted for two days! Through this festival, we inspired countless young minds and showcased the transformative power of the arts in many different ways!

Event Highlights:

  • Interactive Exhibits: Attendees explored hands-on exhibits showcasing the fascinating intersection of art and science, including Cube Studios and other creative displays.
  • Live Performances: Talented artists from various disciplines wowed us with music, dance, theater, and more, leaving a lasting impression with their creativity and passion.
  • Workshops and Demonstrations: Participants engaged in interactive workshops and demonstrations, learning new skills and unleashing their inner artists.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: Families enjoyed a day filled with collaborative art projects, storytelling sessions, and activities designed for all ages.

Thank you Discovery Cube LA for hosting this event!

Special Guest Appearance

We were honored to have a special guest appearance by DJ Lance Rock at Create Now’s Power of the Arts Festival. His vibrant energy and engaging performance added an extra layer of excitement, inspiring both young and old attendees alike.


Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our dedicated staff and volunteers, the talented creative demonstrators..

Marco The Artist

Kolanut Productions

Miss Jessica’s World

Ramon “Dan” Garza

Kymberly Stewart

Thank you all!


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