Thanks to the Department of Cultural Affairs for their support of our Create a Show program at LA Family Housing’s temporary shelter for families facing homelessness. Our classes took place at a motel in Pacoima.

20 youth ages 4 to 16 looked forward to our classes from March-May, 2019. They eagerly participated in singing with Lynn Sher, and dance with Sonic Tamar Rabinowitz. The kids performed several songs and dances for their parents, siblings and other residents at the shelter, including children who didn’t take the classes, and the staff of LA Family Housing.

Julie, age 10 really like singing, especially the song “I’m a Lady.” She said, “It was fun but also embarrassing. Afterwards I felt tired by great!”

Issac, age 9 said “I was nervous but then I started dancing and got into the flow of it. When I performed, it felt scary because everyone was watching me, but then it was good.”

We’re very grateful to the support of our donors, which made this program possible. It’s an experience these children and their families won’t forget!