Crittenton Services for Children and Families in Orange County serves clients who come from homes where neglect and abuse are the norm, where homelessness and desperation are ordinary parts of survival. Many are separated from their families, either because of their parent’s addictions, mental health difficulties, or as children they find themselves alone in a new and foreign country. In many cases, these youth have been trafficked.

Create Now partnered with ENO Brands in Irvine to provide 28 of these teenage girls with two fabulous Jewelry workshops

fostergirlsmakejewelry(1)  In the spring, 12 girls had the chance to design beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings. ENO launched a contest where one of the participants’ designs on paper would be manufactured as an actual pendant. The girl who won is a young mother whose dream is to become a tattoo artist. Her design has been produced with a limited run of necklaces. Some were auctioned at Crittenton’s recent event where $500 was raised for this aspiring artist.

Beverly Berryman, Crittenton’s Community Engagement Director, shared, “Our client was floored when she saw her finished pendant. She felt validated that her abilities were something that others would consider legitimate. It gave her a sense that she could use her artistic skills in the future and provided HOPE.”

(2) This summer, 16 more girls (many of them young mothers) made jewelry for themselves and their children. Beverly reported, “They couldn’t believe the quality of the supplies they were able to use to make jewelry for themselves and their families. They’re accustomed to low-quality supplies, so when they were given beautiful glass and metal beads, they were astonished and extremely happy!”

Beverly continued, “With both of these workshops, the feeling of happiness and self-confidence was evident every time these girls got to be creative. We want to thank Create Now and ENO Brands for giving our clients the opportunity to be creative and prove to themselves that they have hidden talents! The time they spent making necklaces, bracelets and earrings was a good diversion from the constant reminders of their everyday concerns and worries.”


Pendant designed by teenage participant



Final product comes to life.

We’re very grateful to ENO Brands, Crittenton, and all the girls who participated in our two Jewelry workshops for allowing Create Now and our teaching artists Lilia Ramirez, Holly Depuis and Christy Nekvinda to bring joy and relief to these youth.