We at Create Now would like to say Thank you to the Go Campaign for funding two fashion design workshops. These programs served youth at the mental-health care provider Maryvale in Rosemead, and Hillsides’ Youth Moving On program  in Pasadena, which provides housing and services to TAY (Transition- Aged Youth) youth (18-24) formerly in the foster system. 

In these workshops, participants have learned to utilize their creativity in creating different outfits incorporating techniques such as sewing. Moreover, these youth are provided with a variety of resources that will ensure their continued development in potentially pursuing careers in the thriving industry of fashion.

From the lead Teaching Artist: “If I knew what I knew now that I didn’t know at the beginning is how invested our young professionals become to their teachers, creations and class room objectives. With this knowledge, teachers can now think of creative ways to start each class, as well as implementing new engaging tactics to enhance students’ familiarity with each other as well as the staff.