Logan Elementary/Middle School is located in Echo Park. 90{aae7c8e07d59d4d87ab7a1ab908a4553f02e35e8a556b54e4d8c9c7edd1dc3f3} of the students are Hispanic and 89{aae7c8e07d59d4d87ab7a1ab908a4553f02e35e8a556b54e4d8c9c7edd1dc3f3} are from low-income families. Test scores at this school fall far below the state average. These students are making less academic progress from one grade to the next compared to students at other schools in the state.

Thanks to a prestigious grant from the California Arts Council, Create Now has been providing two popular after school programs since September 19th: (1) Hip Hop Dance taught by Cina McKenna, and (2) Singing with Melinda Salcido. The kids love our workshops. Miracle, age 10 expressed, “It’s very energetic and fun. We work hard.”

The dance class is rigorous, with only girls participating. Teacher Cina pointed out that the students choose to be there. “All the ones who have shown up continue to come, and they’re excited to learn more.”

The children in our singing class can’t stop crooning. Melinda was ecstatic. “As I was cleaning up the classroom, I heard my students singing the song we were learning at the top of their lungs outside! They stopped me as I left and asked to sing it again. They wanted to know what song we’ll be learning next week. It was magical.”

Veronica is the Logan School Coordinator for the singing program. “The children in this class have been so inspired. Every time we do an activity, they sing the songs we’ve been learning with the music teacher. They really enjoy it.”

Create Now also received a grant from the Mockingbird Foundation (founded by fans of the band Phish) to implement a guitar workshop taught by musician Pat Fernandez. “Teaching guitar reminds me of when I was their age and eager to learn music. It’s planting a seed. Every time I teach a class, it leaves a piece of me and my history.”

Teenager Mary declared, “It’s challenging to learn guitar because you have to memorize all the chords and strings, but I like to challenge myself.”

The students from all three of our Create Now workshops will come together in December to perform at a Talent Show for their families and everyone at the school. Stay tuned!