Create Now held our Power of the Arts Party on Saturday, December 3rd.

There were around 25 disadvantaged children ages 4-12 from the Nickerson Gardens housing project in Watts, Over 2,000 units are in this poverty-stricken, gang-infested public housing project – the largest one West of the Mississippi River.

Some kids also came from Human Services Agency in the San Fernando Valley.

Aaron Weiner taught drumming. Zach Sonnentag taught singing, guitar and keyboards. Brandon Johnson showed the kids how to make styrofoam snowmen, and jewelry designer Victoria taught jewelry making.

The kids had a blast! Through your support, each child received a toy. For children who may not get anything for Christmas, this was a very special treat.

Kimberly McKinney is a Deputy Probation Officer with LA County. Her job is to prevent children from joining gangs, while supervising those youth who are in gangs and committing crimes. Kim said, “We truly appreciate what Create Now does for our kids. There aren’t any other organizations like them.”

11-year-old Anielle Morales said, “I really liked making bracelets and singing. My favorite part was playing the drums.”

Thanks to your support, Create Now was able to bring joy to the poorest children in the community during this holiday season.