Last year we at Create Now were able to provide many amazing art classes through the support of ROMWE. This joint initiative was called “The Next Class of Creators, Now” which allowed our youth to design their future.

ROMWE funded 4 courses that were focused in the arts. These courses provided an outlet for our students to develop skills in graphic design, illustration, jewelry making, knitting and crocheting. These types of art programs help our youth learn basics like colors and shapes, cause and effect, problem solving and how to make decisions, which are all important skills to master.

These courses have also helped our students with their personal expression and refining their technical skills. To wrap out the year’s partnership with ROMWE, they also came in as one of three sponsors for our 2021 Holiday Party. During this event all of our youth were provided with a meal, enjoyed tons of art related activities, and received a gift from Santa himself! 

-Youth spend the final summer days before returning to school learning to crochet at Comunidad Cesar Chavez, a shelter in Boyle Heights run by LA Family Housing. These children were so focused on the yarn and the art that you could hear a pin drop!

With 2021 being such a rough year for everyone, ROMWE really supported us on our mission of empowering our youth through the arts.