Thanks to a donation from US Bank, Create Now hosted our 7th Annual Holiday Party. 50+ kids of all ages from the Imperial Courts Housing Project in Watts, at-risk youth from Highland Park, plus runaway and homeless teenagers from the Angel’s Flight emergency shelter in the Ramparts District got to enjoy all kinds of fun arts activities.

They loved making holiday crafts, painting and designing jewelry for themselves and to give as gifts for their loved ones. Music was very popular… especially drumming with P!nk’s drummer Mark Schulman, who served as Create Now’s Board Chair for a number of years. Youth also loved singing karaoke in Create Now’s recording studio, and playing the keyboard. Santa Claus was there to give every youngster fabulous gifts.

Thanks again to US Bank for their support, and to our volunteers from the Apple Store at the Grove for wrapping gifts and decorating our place, plus assisting the kids during the party – and to all the wonderful volunteers for making this event very special. It’s something these children won’t forget!