Our Power of the Arts Festivals are popular community events for low-income children, including foster youth and those facing homelessness,

Create Now gives at-risk youth the opportunity to spend a few hours enjoying all kinds of arts activities.

They love our Open Mic Talent Shows where every performer gets to present their talents, and then pick a terrific prize for their courage to show off. This really builds their confidence and self-esteem. Toys and age-appropriate gifts remind them about their successes.

Youngsters of all ages create murals. They learned about blending colors, brush strokes and how combined shapes can form figures.

The kids enjoy a variety of fun arts projects, play drums, meet their favorite characters like Spiderman and Princess Elena, eat delicious tacos and healthy snacks, enjoy face painting, balloons and so much more.

Click here to watch a short video about the event made by @whitneyskauge.

Thanks to our Hero sponsors Elan Shukartsi, the Moe Life Foundation and Leslie Joseph, plus ChildLife, US Bank, Open., First 5 LA, Artist & Craftsman, GoGo Squeez, El Patroncito, Boxed Water, KidsLuv, Suja, Califia Farms, Sweetfin, GTS, OneHope, STAPLES, Lagunitas, and all the wonderful volunteers who contributed to make this a fabulous event.