Create Now wants to send a huge ‘Thank You’ to our supporters who have generously supported our mission to bring therapeutic arts programs to youth-in-need. 

      We would especially like to thank the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, the Stranahan Foundation, the Johnny Carson Foundation, the Canet Foundation, the Irene Feinstein Foundation, the Rotary Club of Santa Monica, and Vidal Herrera for their generosity.

      In addition, Create Now appreciates the Names Family Foundation, the Sanford Anderson Charitable Foundation, the Callie D. McGrath Foundation, the Nancy Barton Foundation, Shrewsburry Family Foundation, the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, and the California Arts Council.

      We’d also like to thank Big Grande, a sketch, improv and podcast group in Los Angeles, who designed creative and funny t-shirts and sweatshirts through They donated profits of $7,619  to Create Now. Check out their apparel, and support Create Now by clicking here.

     Through all of their generosity, Create Now has been able to continue implementing programs for kids and young adults in the Greater Los Angeles area who need a creative outlet to help them face challenges like poverty, homelessness and abuse.

      None of our work would be possible without all the wonderful volunteers who contribute their time and talents to aid vulnerable youth during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re very grateful for your assistance in bringing the healing power of the arts to young people in need. We look forward to continuing to spread creativity and arts education in 2021 and beyond.